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Vape Highlife’s Vape cartridges come prefilled in Special low OHM tanks. This configuration is for optimum discretion and ease of use. Our cartridges are universal made to be used with  510 threaded vaporizer pens and e-cigarette batteries. All these vape cartridges are made to be disposable. Thus no hassle of loading or cleaning the  vape cartridges.

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Dank Vapes cartridges have come a long way from being the most loved THC vape cartridges to the most controversial vape cartridges to date. Due the immediate hit they produce, they are the best for serious stoners wishing to quit smoking weed. Our dank vapes cartridges come with a special verification bar code to check for their authenticity.

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There are a lot of illegal (fake) dank vapes circulating in the dark market. Many loyal consumers are still in search for the official dank vapes cartridges account. There is no official website, but there are a lot of trusted vendors selling dank vapes form the official suppliers from California. Make sure to verify the bar code when you purchase your dank vapes carts. Moreover, dank vapes has an Instagram account @dankvapesela, but they do not sell vape cartridges on there.

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We do proper dank vapes packaging for all orders. So, the packages come sealed in discrete packages such as game console boxes and several ordinary packages. For consumers out of the state of California, you can get the best dank vapes flavors without a hassle.

Dank Vapes Flavors

With a plethora of marijuana flavors, dank vapes stands out as the best place for you to get the high you deserve. We’ve got flavors like mojito, OG Kush, mars OG, Jet fuel, ATF and much more. Visit Our Shop the get and update of the latest flavors.

Real Dank Vapes Vs Fake Dank Vapes (Spot Fake Dank Vapes)

As mentioned earlier, the new version of dank vapes comes with a bar code and seal. Thus, this code can be scanned to know the source of the vape cartridge. Thus, any vape without a seal should definitely be flagged as a fake dank vape cartridge. Users searching “are dank vapes safe?” should take not of the seal and bar codes.

Dank Vapes Reviews

Vape cartridges have evolved over the past two years. From THC to CBD and Nicotine cartridges, vape products have got a lot of mixed reviews. Generally, our vapes have been appreciated by its loyal vapers. Hence, all flavors come with premium vape juice extracted from their respective marijuana strains.


We are not the official producers of dank vapes but are a major supplier for the official  producers from California. Most importanly, make sure to verify you dank vape cartridge before vaping. The dank vapes sold on our website are original and do not contain Vitamin E. Thus, they are made from the natural THC vape juice of each marijuana strain.